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We are the first firm in Australia
to create a specialised practice in animal law.

Although Animal Law is an up incoming and emerging area of law, the concerns of protecting the rights and safety of animals is vital. At CNG Law Carina, we assist both owners with issues surrounding their beloved pets as well as taking action against those who have either harmed or mistreated animals. We have a strong belief that the companionship between us and animals are one of a kind and recognise the sentiment that they possess, this is why we continue to work tirelessly to advocate the promotion of their welfare and rights. Our main priority is to work with civil law to provide the ultimate opportunity of justice for animals.

CNG Law are experts in all areas of Animal Law and are able to assist in the following areas:

  • Harmed and abused animals;

  • Wrongful death and negligence of animals ;

  • Negligence and/or malpractice;

  • Body Corporate exclusions;

  • Animal ownership disputes;

  • Council declarations of Dangerous and menacing dogs;

  • Companion Animals in relation to Family Law; and

  • Estate Planning (for Pets)

At CNG Law Carina we are proud to have been one of the first practices in Queensland focusing on this often overlooked practice area. Conveniently located in Carina, Queensland, at CNG Law we treat each and every matter on an individual basis and we strive to assist in the protection of all animals, big and small. We defend the ones who are unable to defend themselves and always strive to give them the voice that they deserve. Seeking legal advice for our beloved animals that have been wronged is always highly recommended as our team of dedicated Animal Law solicitors Carina will arm you with the expertise required in receiving the ultimate outcome. If you feel your adored pet has been wrongly accused of being dangerous, menacing, or your animal has been harmed or mistreated, or as a result of negligence,  please do not hesitate to contact our Carina Animal Law Team today to make an appointment.

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