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We can provide assistance for businesses of all sizes, and can also assist with unfair dismissals or industrial relations matters.


For both an employer or employee there are specific times where engaging a Business and Employment Lawyer Cooparoo is vital. At CNG Law our professional team of solicitors are experts in all aspects surrounding Employment Law and workplace proceedings. We have a strong comprehension of all the ins and outs of business and employment law with services including but not limited to:


  • Drafting employment contracts for employees, agents and/or subcontractors

  • Proving general employment advice inclusive of:

    • Contract advice;

    • Employee or Contractor Agreements;

    • Unfair Dismissal or Unlawful Dismissal;

    • Redundancy;

    • Unpaid Wages;

    • General Protection Applications;

    • Workplace Investigations;

    • Workplace Harassment;

    • Discrimination Claims;

    • Workers Compensation Reviews and Appeals;


At CNG Law we have extensive experience in providing essential advice relating to:

  • Restraint of Trade clauses;

  • Confidentiality Agreements;

  • Intellectual Property;

  • Workplace Investigations/Performance Management - which includes implementing or responding to any performance management or show cause processes.


Any business owner knows that to have their business run smoothly they need to have all their affairs in order and have these affairs be compliant with the relevant legislative frameworks. Our extensive experience in these legislations allows us to assist you with the following business matters:

  • Franchising

  • Leasing

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Company Incorporation

  • ASIC related matters

  • Winding up Companies and/or Trusts

  • Joint Ventures

Business & Employment Law Cooparoo

Whether you are a business owner, employer or employee, being completely equipped with the knowledge of both your rights and workplace processes surrounding business and workplaces matters is the best way to ensure that everyone involved fully understands and complies with the necessary requirements. The success of any business depends on it. At times, some requirements and processes can quickly become complicated and confusing and more so when conflict is involved, this is where CNG Law comes in. Conveniently located in Cooparoo, Queensland, CNG Law proudly offers expert and professional advice and assistance in all aspects of Business and Employment Law. Our incredible team of experienced solicitors work with both employees and employers to create an ideal environment to work in, resolving workplace wrongdoings and looking after all areas of contractual agreements. We strive to save our clients money, time and distress by seeking to resolve all matters early and by with a dedicated advocate and representative we ensure that you will always receive sound guidance, advice and support for any issue you may be faced with in and around your workplace. We understand just how significant the reputational damage and financial strain that can occur as a result of workplace and employment law issues which is why it is important to seek the expertise of a professional. If you have an enquiry or seeking legal advice regarding anything related to Business and Employment Law and want the most desirable outcome possible please do not hesitate to contact our CNG Cooparoo team today to make an appointment.

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