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With decades of experience, we can provide services in all areas of criminal law and traffic law.

Criminal Law:

Being charged with a criminal offence can be both indimitating and daunting and the process of the followed proceeding can be complicated and confusing. At CNG Law Carina, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients every step of the way throughout all stages of a criminal matter, from providing initial representation for you at the police station, bail applications, all the way through to trails, sentencing, appeals and even Parole Applications.

Experts in all facets of Criminal Law, we are dedicated to servicing all aspects including yet not limited to areas such as:

  • Serious Assault Offences

  • Sexual Offences;

  • Drug Possession and Supply charges;

  • Fraud, Dishonesty, Theft and Stealing Offences

  • Confiscation and Proceeds of Crime Offences

  • Burglary Offences

  • Domestic Violence and Protection Order Breaches

  • Family and Domestic Violence Offences

  • Weapon Offences

  • Public Nuisance and Indecency Offences

  • Tax and Corporations Offences

  • Corporate Offences

  • Workplace and Workcover Prosecutions

  • Occupational Health and Safety Offences

  • Commonwealth Offences

  • Environmental Protection Offences

  • Providing advice in relation to the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC)

  • Parole Applications and Reviews​

Criminal & Traffic Law Carina

With the professional advice and guidance provided by our experts at CNG LAW Carina, you will be both armed with the necessary specific information needed to be as successful as possible in your case as well as having an advocate in your corner throughout the entire process.

Administration Law:

CNG Law is able to assist you in any matters arising from matters relating to Government administration law. From dealing with matters relating to Brisbane City Council prosecution offences, to Administrative Appeals of decisions relating to Centrelink and Australian Tax Office.

Traffic Law:  

The specific inner workings of Traffic Law is complex and confusing if you do not possess the in depth knowledge of each and every aspect of the law. At CNG Law we are extremely experienced and have a comprehensive understanding in all areas of Traffic Law and the technicalities that come along with it. We respect and appreciate just how much of an impact a traffic offence can have on our clients' lives as well as the potential to influence their capacity to work.


We work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome possible for you and our strong knowledge and expertise in all aspects of traffic law we are able to assist in the following areas:

  • Dangerous Driving Offences;Disqualified Driving Offences;

  • Suspended Driving Offences;

  • Drive without due care and attention

  • Unlicensed Driving Offences

  • Drink Driving Offences

  • Drug Driving Offences

  • Work Licence Applications;

  • Special Hardship Order Applications;

  • Vehicle Impoundment Issues

  • Demerit Point Disqualification

Whether you have been charged with a Criminal or Traffic offence CNG Law is here to provide professional expert advice and assist you in achieving the optimal outcome. From beginning to end, we will look after you and we will be your consistent, reliable advocate. Conveniently located in Carina, Queensland, at CNG Law we believe that everyone has the right to a fair and just defence and we are ready and prepared for anything that may be thrown at us in that courtroom. We are skilled advocates and we believe that no one should have to face these situations alone. Having us assist you can truly mean the difference between an undesirable outcome or a successful one. If you have an enquiry or seeking legal advice regarding anything related to Criminal or Traffic Law and want the most desirable outcome possible please do not hesitate to contact our CNG Carina team today to make an appointment.

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