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We can provide expert advice and assistance in the preparation and administration of Wills and Estate matters.

We appreciate and respect that the thought of the day that you pass is both a difficult and sensitive matter which is why it is common to put it off. However, we do also know how important it is that when that day does come that having all our affairs in order and all our ducks in a row is crucial, otherwise you may find your estate being dealt with in a way that you may disagree with. At CNG Law we are able to assist you with a successful plan for just how these matters are to be handled, the way you want and deserve. We provide professional and expert advice in the following:

  • Preparing your Will

  • Preparing your Power of Attorney

  • Preparing Advance Health Directives

If you have been appointed as an executor and are seeking assistance and advice, we are here to help with the following matters:

  • Estate Administration

  • Estate Litigation

  • Family Provision Applications

Estate Planning Cooparoo

CNG Law solicitors are rich with knowledge and experience in all aspects of Estate Planning and Wills which is why, whether you are the beneficiary of an estate or have not been included and wish to obtain advice we are here to help to make more sense of these matters. We have a comprehensive understanding of just how significant these matters are when that time comes as well as the repercussions that can occur if a well-structured and clear plan has not been produced. A concisely constructed Will avoids undesirable difficulties and conflict while allowing you to have your voice heard in how your estate is managed, once you have passed. Although a Will is not a requirement by law it is highly recommended, as if you do pass without one you are said to have died ‘intestate’. This means that your estate will be handled in accordance to the Succession Act 1981 (QLD) and your property will be dealt with within the provisions of this legislation and may be in a way that was not intended by you. At CNG Law Cooparoo, we will work with you in creating your desired succession planning which includes the preparation of you Will, Power of Attorney, Advance Health Directives and Binding Death Nominations. We can encapsulate many, if not all, of your wishes within these documents examples of which are:

  • Who is appointed guardian for your infant children

  • Directions for your funeral (including cremation or burial wishes)

  • Appointment of Executors - being the person who, upon your passing, you choose to entrust to manage your estate according to your wishes

In the event that you are appointed the Executor of a Will, this comes with a range of duties and responsibilities which we are able to provide advice and assistance to allow optimal results. These obligations include:

  • Following Funeral directions and arranging the funeral

  • Bringing in the assets of the Estate (this can involve dealing with banks, land registries, share registries and other authorities

  • Paying debts of the deceased

  • Distributing the Estate to those entitled under the Will, or in accordance with Intestacy Rules

At CNG Law we empathetic and compassionate to how difficult discussing these matters can be, we also recognise the importance of having a succession plan in place. We approach each and every situation with respect and understanding while providing advice that would best suit you when the time comes. Conveniently located in Cooparoo, Queensland, if you have an enquiry or seeking legal advice regarding anything related to Estate Planning and Will Law, please do not hesitate to contact our CNG Cooparoo team today to make an appointment.

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